How To Ipod Your Car

If you like using the iPod in the car (streaming music to the iPod through the car stereo), as well as upgrading to a new car with iPod integration such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Volvo, there are others. options available to you.

If your car doesn’t have iPod connectivity, the iPod solution in your car is to install an iPod adapter.

Front Series

An iPod adapter retailed by companies like Peripheral and Monster can be installed inside the cable cave behind your car’s dashboard, with one adapter plug going to the rear of the stereo while another plug goes to a IPod dock near the front seats of the car.

The iPod adapter works like an emulator and tricks the stereo into thinking it’s a CD changer so that you can use the track buttons on the stereo’s faceplate to select the songs of your choice.

Installing an iPod charger can be difficult for non-mechanics, and the services of a qualified mechanic can be simpler.

If your car is too old, the factory-installed stereo may not be suitable for iPod integration. For these cars, it is recommended to install a new player from manufacturers such as Alpine, Kenwood and Pioneer.

If sound quality is important to you then using iPod cassette adapters is not recommended as the sound quality is not good enough and most importantly they do not charge the iPod battery.

Still another solution is to use an FM modulator which can produce better sound and recharge the batteries, but cannot be controlled directly from the radio.

With these drawbacks, the iPod cassette adapter and FM modulator are not the best options, and the iPod adapter is still recommended.

To facilitate your personal research and find out which iPod integration is required for your car model, there are online catalogs of car audio websites such as the one on

So your first step is to determine the iPod integration requirements for your car and get the right adapter. In no time you can pump your iPod tunes through the car stereo and enjoy your favorite tunes.

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