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As a photo studio in an increasingly fast-paced and extremely digital world, we see more and more people replacing professional family portraits with iPhone images of prom, piano recital, soccer game, or Christmas dinner. These images have a lot of value and memories attached, but they simply cannot replace the value of the professional family portrait. Although yes, this is a service we offer and we definitely hope you book with us, we want you to understand where we come from writing this.

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We value memories, we value quality time, and we value trust, and we think that when it comes to family portraits, there is simply no replacement. We have noticed a trend to swap a professionally printed family portrait and wall portrait experience for Facebook albums and Instagram snapshots. Well let’s say to this: why not both ?!

We have compiled a list of reasons why we think family portraits are important. We hope you take a look and realize that we are doing more than trying to sell you something. We are trying to create a healthy family experience for you!

Of course, the first reason we think you should spend time on family photos is that their value is only seen if they are destroyed or there is a death in the family. We have heard countless stories from families looking at the photos they have and wanting more memories in the images. Arising Images owner Prem knows this sentiment firsthand. He lost her mother when he was just a baby and now he realizes that he has very few photos with her. When you realize that photos are all you have left of a person or a period of time, you see the value of family portraits much more clearly. Your children will only be small for a short time. Your parents won’t be here forever. Life is short. Create the memories now.
Family portraits increase your children’s self-esteem! In fact, psychologists have shown that it is incredibly healthy for your children to physically view their family as a unit and to see themselves represented as a valued member of that unit. By having family portraits hung on the walls of your home, your children grow up knowing that they belong and are loved. You may be thinking, “My child is my phone’s wallpaper, does it have the same effect?” While I’m sure this helps, the psychologists who conducted this study seem to think that the sensory and accessible act of touching and seeing a portrait on your wall makes it a regular sight, reinforcing these stimulating ideas of esteem.
Family portraits are fun! We have so many clients telling us how much they enjoyed the photo shoot experience as a bonding moment for their family. Sometimes one photographer is enough to ask you to hug or pamper your child, or to smile at your spouse and laugh. We don’t always spend enough time on fun family experiences, and this can definitely be one.
Wall art makes your home a home. And while Michael and Art Van’s mass-selling artworks have their place in décor, there are no better themes for your fireplace or your family’s master bedroom. There is no better feeling than hanging a beautiful photo of the people you love and appreciate the most in this world.
Family portraits become family heirlooms. When you choose the right photographer, the products they print for you will last for generations if handled with care. These become pieces that parents pass on to their children and so on. We create beautiful, modern heirloom-quality artworks that you will one day have the pleasure of gifting to your children.
We know that life is busy and we know that it can be difficult sometimes to bring the whole family together, but family photos are a truly irreplaceable event. We hope this year you will consider family portraits!

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